Bluebird Bird Song Decorative Figurine

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Bluebird Bird Song Decorative Figurine

Bluebird Bird Song Decorative Figurine
Item #: BS3005
Full Description:

This decorative, ceramic bird is part of our best-selling Bird Song collection designed by artist Lori Siebert. Each handcrafted figurine features an inspirational reminder on its gift box. Unique style, vibrant colors, and special messaging make this item perfect for gifting or adding an artful touch to home decor.

Message from the Bluebird:
The Bluebird's song is filled with joy and playfulness. It reminds us to lighten up, to stop taking life so seriously and to start taking the time to simply enjoy life. Remember that happiness and fulfillment are well within reach.

Artist Name:
Dimensions: 3"w x 4.75"l x 4"h
UPC: 843259146422
Minimum: 2
Increments: 2
Availability: In Stock

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